Links to film Vignettes 

With so many wonderful moving images to choose from, not all of our film footage made it into our documentary. Enjoy a few that didn't. 


Spend a sunny afternoon at Honolulu Stadium. Watch the Broncos from the University of Santa Clara take on the the Warriors from the University of Hawaii. Not just old leather helmets and no shoulder pads, but please take note of Santa Clara's center... he's not even wearing a helmet at all. 

The Ship's Dance Bands

The ship's dance band was headed-up by the San Francisco bay area's own Dick Adamson. Altogether, the very talented orchestra was comprised of (L-R) Bert Wood, Dave Phennig, Onslow Stevenson, Dick Adamson, Harry Fish, William Starkey and Frank Kirgan. The Polynesian band aboard ship was "Sam Alama, and His Hawaiians", led by lead singer Sam Alama and accompanied by musicians Charles Namahoe, Claude Kapukui, and Solmon Kane, all recruited from The Territory of Hawaii.    

So Who Is That Guy?  

Everyone wants to know, "Who is that guy standing in the really neat roadster in Perth, Australia?" The one that can be seen at 35':38'' mark in the documentary?    

Flagellation. When passenger Cecil E. Walker of Colorado arrived in Manila, Philippine Islands, he traveled outside the city where he recorded a most unusual Lenten ritual of the local Catholic faith. It is part theater... and part genuine spirituality of the penitent.